Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions | FightCamp Guide

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions | FightCamp Guide

FightCamp is sharing top tips for keeping your New Year’s Resolutions. Set your goals and stick with them this year!

Published: December 27, 2021

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Author: Raquel "Rocky" Harris

The classic mantra “New Year, New Me” may be short-lived if you don’t plan properly and execute your goals. Here are some tips for sticking to your New Year’s resolutions and not falling back to the “Old You” in 5 days:

Tips For Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

FightCamp Tips For Keeping Your New Year's Goals

Create sources of motivation

Our level of motivation can often be influenced by our surroundings. Create a living, work, or workout space that stabilizes your mood and excites you to be in. If you feel unproductive or discontent, consider changing your environment. Rearrange your furniture or organize a cluttered space and make this a fun home project. Another option for a change of pace could be volunteering at a museum, pet, or homeless shelter.

Post your goals in a visible area

Apart from writing down my goals on a pink legal pad each year, I like to keep a duplicate copy plastered on my refrigerator. Every time I get a cup of water, it is an opportunity to revisit my goals and evaluate my progress. The FightCamp app is a great tool for tracking your fitness goals. It's easy to see how far you've come with each boxing or kickboxing workout session.

Categorize your goals

Put your goals into categories, such as finance, career, and relationships. Organizing your goals like this will enable you to establish a healthy balance. If your career is heading in the right direction, but your personal relationships are suffering, your mood may be negatively impacted, and you may experience imbalances in other areas of your life.

Plan short-term goals that contribute to your long-term goals

Once you have your long-term goals listed, create a game plan for each. Your short-term goals should build into accomplishing the big goal. Fitness goals are perfect for breaking down into short-term accomplishments and seeing how you've crushed them at each milestone.

Establish deadlines

Create deadlines for your short-term goals. This way, you can make sure you stay on track toward the ultimate goal. I like to focus on one larger goal per month (four short-term goals and one long-term goal). That’s 12 projects you can complete in one year.

Set practical expectations

Your timeline to meet each individual goal should align with your availability and your schedule. Be realistic and honest with yourself. Consider challenges that may arise, and carve out time for breaks to prevent yourself from burning out.

Share your goals

Sharing your goals with another person, an online community, or on your social media feed can further hold you accountable.

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals

Your circle of friends doesn’t have to share the same aspirations as you, but if they are task-oriented and set on reaching their goals, their energy will keep you motivated. Make sure that you aren’t comparing yourself to anyone else in your group, though. Be patient and stay focused on your journey.

Digest the right material

Digestion is not limited to food. Pay attention to your mood when you are on social media, listening to music, or watching TV. What you read into on these platforms impacts your emotions. Know when to stop or switch to something else. For me, when I finish watching a tear-jerker, I switch over to Shark Tank. It’s all about balance!

Start with a bang!

FightCamp Tips For Keeping Your New Year's Goals

Apply these nine (9) tips to your fitness goals and make them count. You can start right now by sharing your goals in the FightCamp Facebook Community or on social media @fightcamp. Cheers to a Happy New Year!

Start the New Year Like a Fighter

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Raquel "Rocky" Harris

Raquel “Rocky” Harris has won titles in Karate, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai. She traveled with Team USA and secured a Gold Medal in her first World Championship tournament. Rocky is an author, screenwriter, fitness model, and FightCamp Trainer. She is also USA Boxing Coach certified.

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