My 30 Day Fitness Challenge With FightCamp

Renny | My 30 Day Fitness Challenge With FightCamp

We’re breaking down comedian Renny’s 30 day boxing fitness journey, at home and on the road. See why he calls FightCamp “calculated discipline".

Published: September 6, 2022

Topics: Strength & Conditioning, Training

Author: Jeff Turbett

We put comedian and influencer Renny to the test, challenging him to 30 days of boxing with FightCamp. Over the course of the month, he trained as a true fighter, following a disciplined routine that included proper nutrition and boxing, strength training, and conditioning workouts at home and while on the road.

We’re breaking down his fitness journey and why he calls FightCamp, "calculated discipline."

Meet Renny

Lorenzo Cromwell or Renny, as he likes to call himself, is a comedian, actor, singer, and dancer with roles on shows like Wild 'N Out. Just scroll through his Instagram and you can find content from skits and dances to the occasional workout video, Renny does it all. You won't catch him dying from boredom anytime soon.

FightCamp - Renny's 30 Day Workout Challenge

Throughout his 30-day boxing training, he put FightCamp through the paces as he had to be on the road traveling. “Thankfully the FightCamp app does not only have workouts that include the bag but also workouts with no equipment needed.” This allowed him to put the work in even while having a packed schedule like his own.

Renny’s 30-Day Challenge

Here is a little overview of how it went for him throughout his month-long challenge using FightCamp.

FightCamp - Renny's 30 Day Workout Challenge

Day 1

  • Started off with a 4-round power punch workout

  • Featured a lot of jabs and hook combinations

    • Sound Bites: “4 rounds are done, first workout, I can tell this is going to be crazy!”

Day 2

  • Day 2 already had Renny away from his FightCamp bag

  • Renny decided to choose the, 4 rounds upper body workout, no equipment needed

  • The workout featured upper body exercises, punching, and core work

    • Sound Bites: “Dang! That kicked my butt”

Day 5

  • Day 5 Renny chose a lower body workout, no equipment needed

  • The lower body circuit featured a lot of squats, crunches, lunges, and punching

    • Sound Bites: “Another one in the bag, I’m not as sore as I was on the first day. We gonna keep climbing, let's go!”

Day 7

  • Earlier on day 7, Renny had another group workout but decided to get some “overtime” exercise in

  • Back home, he chose a bag lower body workout

    • Sound Bites: “Ya boy did the trackers this time. Look at the number…I’m gonna try and beat that though. I’m loving the instructors too, they’re really dope. Lego!”

Day 10

  • Back on the road, traveling doing shows, Renny got a kickboxing workout in, in his hotel room

  • He chose a no equipment, lower kickboxing circuit featuring squats, lunges, punches, kicks, and knees

    • Sound Bites: “As the days go by I feel like I’m getting more precise and accurate with my boxer pose, my hooks, uppercuts, slips, blocks…and I’m burning lots of calories along the way.”

FightCamp - Renny's 30 Day Workout Challenge

Day 12

  • Workout selection was the core build-up - adding 2 additional rounds from the usual 4

  • The workout featured a lot of squats, lunge-and-punch combinations, sit-ups, and jumping jacks

  • The workout was a 2-thumbs up from Renny

    • Sound Bites: “One thing I love about the trackers is that it adds this competitive spirit where I just wanna top the last amount of punches that I had in my last workout. It’s really motivating!”

Days 13 - 29

  • Renny put in the work

  • He was able to use the app for his time while home, during which he could pair his workouts with the bag, as well as on the road with no equipment needed

    • Sound Bites: “I actually enjoy the trainers!” Here are his top two

      • Flow Master - “He’s pretty funny and jokes can definitely get me through a workout”

      • Coach PJ - “He helps push that last bit of effort out of me. He is one of the more aggressive (in a good way) coaches in my opinion.”

Day 30 - Final Day

  • Renny decided to wrap up his 30-day challenge by choosing a 6-round full-body workout

  • The full-body circuit had everything including upper body, combo punches, planks, punch combinations, lunges and punches, sit-ups, squats, and superman full-body hold

    • Sound Bites: “Cut! Last day completed, shoutout to this FightCamp family, shoutout to this bag that will be staying in the same spot, even after the challenge. Shoutout to the trainers, and I’m ready for the next 30, thank you!”

FightCamp - Renny's 30 Day Workout Challenge

In Renny’s Opinion

“There definitely was some transformation for me during these last few weeks. I noticed that I got a lot more toned. I also developed this love for calisthenic workouts, which only involves my body weight. It’s interesting because I have been having this craving to box because of how easy it is to burn calories while I do it.”

“I would say that training like a boxer improves my life because it involves calculated discipline on the defense, and on the offense. I feel like that same mentality and mindset can be applied to things outside of boxing, at the same time that challenge us as everyday human beings.”

Should someone get FightCamp?

"YES! My name is Renny and I approve this message. Get with the FightCamp family and you won’t regret it!"

- Renny

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Jeff Turbett

Jeff Turbett has trained in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA. He is a personal trainer and knows the importance of cross-training for combat sports. He’s also a contributor at BellaVita Fitness and Wellness online.

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