Why Adopting a Seasonal Fitness Training Method Works

Seasonal Fitness | Changing Your Boxing Routine Each Season

Seasonal fitness taps into our natural rhythms through the year. Maximize the benefits of the changing weather & adapt your boxing training to crush your goals.

Published: April 18, 2022

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Author: Mollie McGurk

Our bodies are more in tune with nature than we may realize. Every day, our bodies respond to the cycle of light and dark with circadian rhythms that tell us when to wake and when to sleep. Fluctuations in temperature, barometric pressure, or humidity can impact our minds, muscles, and joints. It’s no surprise that we feel different inside and out as the seasons shift. This is why each new season is a great opportunity to switch up our fitness routines.

Fighters have a great advantage in being able to keep their fitness regimen fresh all year-round. Boxing and kickboxing training never lack variety. The monotony that eventually causes many people to fall off track with exercise isn’t an issue when you’re following a fighter’s path to fitness. There is always something new to try, and when you adapt your training to the seasons, you are tapping into your own natural rhythm – and the many other great advantages that come with seasonal fitness.

What is seasonal fitness?

Aaron Swenson boxing with a double end bag

Seasonal fitness is a method of training in which you take a new approach to your exercise routine every season. Professional athletes often maintain training schedules with some degree of seasonal periodization. The purpose of seasonal fitness is both to maximize the unique benefits of each season and to respect our bodies’ changing seasonal dynamics.

Aligning one’s lifestyle with nature’s cycles isn’t a new idea, but as our world has grown busier and our lives more demanding, many have lost touch with this rhythm. Most of us can sense our bodies and minds respond to the seasons, but our modern lives don’t allow us the time to make the appropriate changes. The longer, colder nights aren’t a time for rest anymore, and the bright, warm days only mean about two weeks’ worth of vacation for most – if they’re lucky.

Adapting your fitness routine to the seasons can have amazing benefits for your health and can make it so much easier to make exercise a consistent aspect of your lifestyle. Instead of fighting against our ingrained instinct for the sake of sticking to a specific workout, seasonal fitness allows for harmony between that instinct and our personal goals.

Six (6) Benefits of Seasonal Fitness:

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  1. Prevents Monotony - You don’t feel stuck in the same workout routine, you can try something new that suits the season.

  2. Creates Harmony - It feels more natural to engage in certain activities at different times of the year.

  3. Reduces Frustration - By creating more balance, you’re less likely to get frustrated with yourself for struggling. What seemed fun for your summer sessions might not be so enjoyable for your winter workouts.

  4. Increases Commitment - It’s much easier to commit to exercise when you’re not battling the weather and your own level of motivation.

  5. Reduces Injury - Changing weather can mean a higher risk of injury with certain exercises. Seasonal fitness takes this into account by adapting exercises based on seasonal fluctuations.

  6. Helps You Set & Slay Goals - By using seasonal periodization to break up your workout routine throughout the year, you can set goals based on each training cycle.

Go With The Flow

Aaron Swenson Kickboxing

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling guilty for slipping out of your usual fitness routine as the season's change, then seasonal fitness is the perfect solution for making your fitness goals even more attainable. Professional athletes change up their training approach throughout the year, why shouldn’t you?

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Mollie McGurk

Mollie McGurk is a writer and has trained in boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and HIIT for over 10 years. She has also studied personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) program.

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