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How To Pick The Best Shoes For Boxing & Kickboxing Workouts

Shoes can help or hurt your training. FightCamp Trainers Aaron Swenson and Coach PJ break down the best shoe options for your boxing and kickboxing workouts.

Different Types of Boxing Gloves | Which Should I Use?

Boxing gloves are an essential piece of boxing equipment. With so many options, here’s what you need to know about training, sparring, & competition gloves.

Heavy Bag Review: Century Versys Bag Vs. FightCamp Bag

FightCamp Trainer Aaron Swenson compares two (2) HEAVY PUNCHING BAGS to help you choose the right heavy bag for your boxing and kickboxing workouts.

5 Things You Need To Set Up Your At-Home Boxing Gym

FIVE (5) things you NEED to set up your at-home boxing gym. No experience or exercise machines needed to start getting all of the benefits of a boxing workout.

How To Build The Ultimate Garage Gym

Ready to start working out from home? Here’s everything you need to know for creating your dream garage gym, from boxing equipment, workout space, and flooring.

How To Sanitize Your Home Gym and Boxing Equipment

Keep your at-home boxing gym and boxing equipment clean and sanitized for every workout. Here are some quick and simple tips for cleaning your equipment.

Why The FightCamp Bag Is The Best Heavy Bag For Kids

Boxing/kickboxing teach kids how fun fitness can be. Here are 5 reasons the FightCamp free-standing punching bag is perfect for kids’ safety and boxing success.

Finding The Right Pair of Kids Boxing Gloves

From kids to teens, here’s what you need to know about choosing the perfect pair of youth boxing gloves.

What You Need In The Ring | Boxing Equipment Essentials

Boxer Iain Mackenzie shares his top boxing equipment recommendations for competition--what he says boxers need in their gym bags for their next boxing match.

How To Choose The Right Punching Bag For Your Workout

Choose the right punching bag for your boxing workout. The right heavy bag, boxing bag with stand, free-standing bag & hanging punching bag is key for training.

What Is a Speed Bag In Boxing?

You may have heard of a speed bag but, have you ever used one? Learn how to enhance your boxer training by including a speed bag in your boxing equipment.

Jazz Up Your Heavy Bag With Household Items

Transform your boxing equipment and training with a few simple household items--then try these THREE (3) heavy bag drills to improve your boxing technique.

Best Punching (Heavy) Bag Boxing Gloves

Ready to start boxing with a punching bag? Need beginner heavy bag gloves? We’ve rounded up the BEST boxing gloves for training. Here’s what you need to know.

Boxing Glove Ounces (Explained)

Boxing gloves are measured by weight in ounces. The standard sizes are 12, 14, and 16 oz. What do the different boxing glove sizes mean? Here’s the difference.

How To Clean and Care For Your Punching Bag

Part of a boxer’s training is taking care of your boxing equipment. Learn how to properly care for and clean your punching bag to keep your workouts on point.

6 At-Home Boxing Drills To Train (Using DIY Boxing Equipment)

Bob and weave like a pro boxer using simple household items to create your boxing training equipment. Use this DIY hack to do these SIX boxing drills at home.

How To Use a Boxing Bag: A Beginner’s Guide

Boxing and kickboxing are fun, satisfying, and intensely effective workouts. It is easy for beginners to get started on a heavy bag.

What Punching Bag Should I Buy For At-Home Use?

Looking to buy a PUNCHING BAG for your at-home boxing space? Learn how to decide between a FREE-STANDING punching bag, punching bag WITH A STAND & a HANGING bag

What Are The Best Boxing Shoes?

Boxer shoes are just as important for a boxing workout as gloves. Looking for the best boxing shoes? Here’s what to look for when choosing training shoes.

How To Care For Your Boxing Wraps and Gloves

Caring for your boxing hand wraps and boxing gloves will keep them fresh and make them last longer. Here’s a few tricks on keeping your wraps and gloves clean.

How To Use Boxing Hand Wraps: For Beginners

Want to start training like a boxer? Learn how and why you should use boxing hand wraps in your training sessions.

Getting Started: 4 Essentials to Set Up Your At-Home Boxing Space

Ready to start boxing? You will need these FOUR (4) things to start boxing at-home like a CHAMP! Space, gloves & hand wraps, punching bag, and a trainer.

How to Choose the Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners

FightCamp boxing champions and trainers discuss BEGINNER boxing glove options: glove types, size, brands

What Equipment Do You Need to Start Boxing?

Want to start boxing at home? Read expert tips for beginners on how to set up your boxing equipment at home: (space, hand wraps, boxing gloves, punching bags)

At-Home Boxing Equipment: The Free-Standing Punching Bag

Hitting the heavy bag is one of the most important exercises in boxing. The Free-Standing Punching Bag lets you do that, right in your living room.

Step-By-Step: How To Set Up Your Home FightCamp Boxing Gym

Ready to start boxing at home? Here’s how to set up your boxing equipment: assemble your exercise mat, freestanding punching bag, and bag ring.

Step-By-Step: How To Assemble Your Punching Bag and Bag Ring

FightCamp trainers show you how to quickly assemble your heavy bag and bag ring in six (6) steps. Set up your boxing equipment and start training harder today!

Step-By-Step: How To Fill Your Heavy Bag Base

Want to know how to fill the base of your heavy freestanding punching bag? FightCamp trainers show you what to use and how to do it in just 7 quick steps!

Step-By-Step: How To Put On Boxing Quick Wraps

Boxing hand wraps are important, but traditional wraps can be tedious. Find out what makes QUICK WRAPS a great option & how to put them on in just a few steps.

Step-By-Step: How To Set Up Your FightCamp Exercise Mat

Learn how to assemble your new workout mat for your at-home boxing gym and take the first step toward better training today.

Step-By-Step Hand Wrapping (Traditional Boxing Wraps)

Wrapping your hands for boxing is important, but traditional hand wraps can be tricky for beginners. Here’s how to easily use traditional BOXING HAND WRAPS.

How To Set Up Your At-Home Boxing Gym

There are just FIVE (5) essentials you need to set up your AT-HOME BOXING GYM. Here we’ll take a look at how easy it is to create your very own boxing space.