How To Build The Ultimate Garage Gym

You’ve made the decision to get into shape, but it may seem difficult to follow through on this resolution since many gyms are closed due to the pandemic. Fortunately, there’s a solution: the garage gym! Setting up and building your own gym in your garage will give you the space you need to start training.

What Is a Garage Gym?

A garage gym is simply a personal workout space filled with various fitness equipment. As the name implies, a garage gym is usually located in a garage, but can technically be in any part of your house. If you’re looking to create an at-home boxing gym, you will need to start with the essentials: space and equipment.

Here are some simple garage gym ideas you can use to get started today.

How Big Should a Garage Gym Be?

First, you’re going to need to figure out how much space you are willing to dedicate to your garage gym setup. If your goal is to go all out and create a replica of your standard gym, you’ll likely need about the space of a one-car garage. Not everyone has that much space available, so at a minimum, you’ll need enough room for some basic weights, a punching bag, and room to move around freely (How To Set Up Your At-Home Boxing Space).

How Do You Build a Garage Gym?

Once you’ve settled on the space for your garage gym, you can start building it out.

The next step is determining the equipment you will need for your garage gym.



When you’re just starting out, consider purchasing a few dumbbells to use for strength training. If you believe that you’ll eventually work your way up to a complete dumbbell set, it may be worth investing in a dumbbell rack as well.

Punching Bag

If you don’t already have one, a punching bag is a great investment to make for your at-home garage gym. Boxing is a great way to improve cardio, and a punching bag can help you build strength at the same time. If you aren’t ready to purchase a punching bag, simply create a space where you can shadowbox.

Weight Bench

Additionally, purchasing a basic flat bench can give you somewhere to sit while you work your weights. This also opens the door to dumbbell exercises such as chest flyes or dumbbell chest presses.


Garage gym flooring can make a serious impact on your workouts. Assuming you are setting up your personal gym in your garage, the floor is likely made of concrete. This isn’t the best surface for working out and can cause fatigue over time even when wearing shoes; especially when lifting heavy weights.

Consider investing in moveable floor mats for your at-home gym. These mats will also ensure your garage floor doesn’t get scraped up by weights being set down heavily or dropped.

A basic garage gym doesn’t need major gym equipment. As long as you have room to do strength conditioning exercises, such as push-ups and sit-ups, you’re off to a great start.

Going Beyond the Basics

If you are willing to invest a bit more money, garage gym equipment to consider purchasing may include:

  • Squat rack with safety catches for a bench press
  • Adjustable, rather than flat, bench
  • Barbell set (Olympic bar and plates)

The adjustable bench will open the door to more exercises than a standard flat bench, but these climb far higher in price. For a cheaper alternative to the squat rack, there are half-racks you can purchase.

All in all, the more space you can clear out for your garage gym, the more equipment you can include. Start small with simple dumbbells and a punching bag, and over time you can build out your garage gym and incorporate more gym equipment.

The equipment outlined above, from simple dumbbells to an entire bench set, are tremendously helpful when combined with your boxing training.

How Much Does a Garage Gym Cost?

Garage gym equipment can range in price. The overall cost of a garage will depend on your budget, your space, and the types of equipment you already have. For a simple at-home garage gym setup, a punching bag, two pairs of dumbbells, and a squat rack with a bench can cost you around $500 (depending on the quality of equipment you choose).

On the flip side, advanced home gyms can cost well over $1,000.

Are Garage Gyms Worth It?

To determine if a garage gym is worth it, you have to consider your other options. The average gym membership falls in the range of $50-$60 per month, plus whatever the annual membership fee is. This comes out to around $600-$720+ in a year.

With a garage gym, you could make a one-time investment into equipment that rivals your standard gym and recoup your money in as little as one year. Garage gyms certainly aren’t for everyone and do require a decent amount of space, but they are a great option these days if you are looking to get fit and in shape at home.

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