What Punching Bag Should I Buy For At-Home Use?

As at-home workouts have become the new normal, many of us have been seeking a way to improve the way we exercise at home. Many have found combat sports to be an effective exercise. Whether it is kickboxing, boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA) or something in between, there is one piece of equipment that is essential: the punching bag.

Is a Punching Bag Worth It?

The short answer is yes, and here is why. A punching bag allows you to practice almost every move that you would use in a traditional boxing or kickboxing match. Practicing against air can only get you so far--this is known as shadowboxing. A punching bag gives you resistance and the illusion of an opponent. This way, you can figure out your own style of fighting. That, combined with the stress relief that comes from hitting the bag for a while, makes a punching bag well worth the cost.

Is a Standing Punching Bag Better Than a Hanging Punching Bag?

This is mostly up to the individual. It depends on your needs and your space. Both hanging punching bags and free-standing punching bags have advantages and disadvantages.

Hanging Punching Bags


  • More resistance
  • Multiple workout variations
  • Do not take up a lot of floor space
  • Able to swing which simulates a real fight more than a bag that doesn’t swing. This can be helpful for training.


  • Can be tricky to install
  • Require a lot of room to accommodate the swinging motion
  • Not portable

Free-Standing Punching Bags


  • Portable
  • Do not take up much open space
  • Offer a different level of resistance and weight
  • Easy to set up, not requiring hooks or brackets for installation


  • Typically not be as stable and can topple over
  • Typically not as durable
  • Not able to swing

When choosing a bag, make sure to evaluate what you will be using it for. This will help you when it comes to selecting and purchasing the right punching bag for you.

Purchasing Your First Bag

There are a few things to consider when buying your first bag. First--the durability and quality. You do not want a bag that will fall apart after the first training session.

Next, think about price. Consider your budget and the reviews of the bags you are looking at. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the bag fit your needs?
  • Do you plan on upgrading once you become more experienced?
  • Is this a good bag for beginners?

These questions and considerations will lead you down the path to getting the best bag at a good value that will suit your needs.

What Is The Best Punching Bag To Buy?

Over the years many companies have released all sorts of punching bags, some are high quality and well worth the money, while others are better left…at the store. Buying your first punching bag can be intimidating, especially if you are new to combat sports.

Here are three (3) free-standing bags that have been “fighter-tested” by our FightCamp trainers. They put them through “stress tests”, consisting of one-minute constant kickboxing combinations and boxing punch combinations (link to video). All three of these bags can be purchased online or at most sporting goods stores.

Everlast Elite Series

Everlast is known for their fighting equipment. The price range of their equipment is usually on the cheaper side. This can lead to lower-quality products. The Everlast Elite punching bag could barely stay on the platform when tested by our world class fighters, and the bag itself even fell down its retaining pole during testing. The stand can be filled with sand for more weight, but this does not add to the quality of the bag.

Century Versys

This bag offers more variety in terms of training possibilities. However, it is quite light. This leads to a large amount of bag movement and the bag falling over very easily during boxing workouts. The bag itself is much larger, which means more area for training. As a bag advertised for kickboxing, it did not put up much of a fight against our kickboxing tester.

FightCamp Bag

The FightCamp bag was designed with fighters in mind. This bag was the only one to last on the platform without falling over, and it gave our fighters a run for their money. The state-of-the-art base of this bag allows it to stay in place even when practicing hard, yet it’s still fairly portable once lifted from the base ring. This bag also offers a large amount of training surface area, allowing for better workouts and training sessions using a variety of moves that may not be possible on the other bags. All in all, this bag is great all-around and is guaranteed to last.

It can be overwhelming when trying to decide what punching bag to buy. But once you decide on your needs, your space, and the price you’re willing to pay, a punching bag will be a valuable investment for your at-home boxing space and will help you train better and more effectively.

The Author: Tommy Duquette is the Co-Founder and Head of Content  at FightCamp. He is a former US Boxing Team member with 136 fights under his belt and qualified for the 2012 Olympic trials as the #2 seed. He has 18 years experience training clients in boxing and fitness.