How To Choose The Best Boxing Gloves For Beginners

How to Choose the Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners

FightCamp boxing champions & trainers discuss BEGINNER boxing glove options: glove types, size, brands. Learn how to choose the right gloves for your training.

Published: December 9, 2021

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Author: Tommy Duquette

Whether you’ve decided to become the next Ali or simply want to get in better shape—choosing the right pair of punching bag gloves is crucial for boxing success. With hundreds of different sizing and brand options on the market, it can be difficult to determine which gloves are both reliable and functional.

Finding the right pair of boxing gloves is important, especially if you’re a beginner. Not only do gloves help protect against injury—they also play a key role in quality of training. If you’re having trouble determining which glove brands and sizes may be right for you—we’ve created a guide to help.

What type of boxing gloves do I need?

Whether you're an experienced boxer or beginner boxer, you will need to consider safety first. You want to choose gloves that have proper padding that will protect your fists and proper wrist protection for high impact activity. Finding the right type of boxing gloves is crucial for both performance and safety. Understanding the various weights, sizes, types, and brands can help keep beginners informed prior to making purchasing decisions.

What weight boxing gloves should I get?

Gloves come in a variety of different weights and sizes. Weights are measured in ounces and vary between 10 oz. and 20 oz. Sizing is determined by the amount of padding inside of the gloves. Heavier weights provide additional layers of protection, but typically result in decreased punching speeds. Heavier gloves can also be used for strength training, while lighter gloves may be used for speed training.

The best boxing gloves for beginners are larger in size as they help protect against injury. As skill level increases, boxers usually feel safer using lighter weight gloves. Boxing gloves should feel comfortable but have a snug fit. Fingertips should rest near the top of the gloves with wrist wraps on.

What size boxing gloves should you use?

Boxing gloves are not gender specific. Specific size depends on the individual, the size of their hands, and what they are using the gloves for, whether it’s training or fighting. Here are some typical size guidelines for gloves.

What size boxing gloves should men use?

  • Under 100 pounds: use 6 to 8 oz gloves

  • 100-150 pounds: use 8 to 12 oz gloves

  • 150-175 pounds: use 12 to 16 oz gloves

  • Over 175 pounds: use 16+ oz gloves

What size boxing gloves should women use?

  • 100-125 pounds: use 10 oz gloves

  • 125-150 pounds: use 12 oz gloves

  • Over 150 pounds: use 14 oz gloves

In general, 12 oz and 16 oz gloves are the go-to for punching bag workouts. For children’s boxing gloves, the key is to make sure that the padding is thick enough to protect the knuckles, covers the entire fist completely, and allows for free movement. Children’s gloves will often be much larger than adult gloves, but also be much lighter. Most will start around 6 oz.

Glove pricing is highly dependent upon the brand and quality, but boxing equipment doesn’t have to be overly pricey. Let’s take a look at some of the best boxing gloves under 100 dollars.

Best Boxing Gloves Under $100

Boxing glove pricing can vary significantly depending upon the quality of material, the durability, and the brand name. If you’re searching for the best boxing equipment for beginners—here’s a few options that won’t break the bank (prices shown for 16 oz. sizes)

  • Title Boxing Gloves 3.0 - $29.99

  • Venum Elite Boxing Gloves - $79.99

  • Ringside Training Gloves - $49.99

  • Twins Special Boxing Gloves - $94.99

  • Pro Impact Boxing Gloves - $79.99

You can also purchase FightCamp Boxing Gloves separately which cost $149. These are made of high-quality genuine leather and are handcrafted, creating a durable and long-lasting glove.

Boxing Gloves Worn by Greatest Fighters of All Time

  • Mike Tyson - Everlast

  • Tyson Fury - Everlast MX

  • Canelo Alvarez - Grant, Everlast

  • Conor McGregor - Everlast

Finding the right pair of gloves is the first step towards learning the art of boxing. Understanding the various sizes and brands can help individuals choose the gloves that fit them best.

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