FightCamp App Update: Introducing Version 3.0

FightCamp App Update: Introducing version 3.0

The best version of ourselves always lies ahead. Here's FightCamp's latest step in that direction.

Published: November 11, 2019

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Author: FightCamp Team

FightCamp is only getting better, with a new look and feel for the app!

Update to version 3.0 to see what the hype is all about.

We believe that the best version of ourselves always lies ahead. Here's FightCamp's latest step in that direction: a more sleek app design, with a nod to the bold look of vintage fight posters from boxing's heyday.

In boxing and in life, if you're not constantly pushing yourself to be better, you'll never reach your true potential.

-Tommy Duquette

FightCamp 3.0 includes...

Dark Mode

A light on dark color scheme that gives the FightCamp app a sleek and refined look. The stunning dark mode makes graphs look almost as badass as you during a power freestyle.

Crash Recovery

If for any reason your app crashes during a workout, you won't lose any progress. Start the app back up and your workout will be waiting for you, right where you left off.

Music selection

Selecting your music is made more simple than ever, with the feature now available straight from the workout page. Select a workout, tap on the music icon to choose the station that matches your mood, start your workout and get into the zone.

FightCamp App Version 3.0 New Updates
FightCamp App Version 3.0 New Updates Continued

Update your FightCamp app to version 3.0 for the latest experience.

For more details on the new look of FightCamp and spoilers on what's coming next, read Tommy Duquette's letter on the All-New FightCamp.

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