FightCamp Is Available On Google Play

FightCamp Is Available On Google Play

The FightCamp Community Just Got Bigger with FightCamp for Android!

Published: March 22, 2022

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Author: FightCamp Team

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for. The full FightCamp experience is now available on Android! That means anyone can now join the world's largest boxing community.

With hundreds of premium workouts right at your fingertips, FightCamp offers a growing library of on-demand boxing & kickboxing training and technique, dynamic warm-ups, shadowboxing, strength, conditioning, recovery, stretch, and core workouts.


Pick Your FightCamp Trainer To Workout With On The App
  • Efficient HIIT-style workouts

  • World-class trainers with real fighting experience

  • Instructional paths teaching the basics of boxing and kickboxing

  • Advanced paths for experienced boxers and kickboxers

  • Stack multiple workouts together to enhance your workout session

  • Interactive punch goals set for every boxing round

  • Total output score to show workout intensity

  • Real-time workout stats when paired with FightCamp punch trackers

  • Community-wide Leaderboard

  • Versus Mode to compete head-to-head with other members, or to compete against your previous best score

  • An ever-growing selection of on-demand home workouts that challenge your body and mind

  • New workouts added to the app each week

  • Achievements & badges earned by working harder

  • Stream music from the FightCamp stations

    Stack Your Workouts On The FightCamp App

It's time to start CRUSHING your goals. Download the app now on the Google Play Store.

FightCamp Team

The FightCamp Team is in your corner, curating the latest in at-home boxing, kickboxing, and fitness training. With up-to-date and expert-level information from workouts, boxing tips and technique, wellness and nutrition, and fight news, our goal is to help you find the fighter within!

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