Step-By-Step: How To Assemble Your Punching Bag and Bag Ring

Step-By-Step: How To Assemble Your Punching Bag and Bag Ring

FightCamp Trainers show you how to assemble your punching bag and bag ring in easy 6 steps. Set up your boxing equipment and start training towards your goals!

Published: March 25, 2022

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Author: Flo Master

Assembling your free-standing punching bag is one of the first steps towards taking your boxing training to the next level. While having a heavy bag isn't required for boxing workouts, it can certainly help you improve your power and technique.

FightCamp Free-Standing Heavy Bag

Learning how to set up your punching bag isn’t difficult, but there are two main parts that are crucial to the assembly that will be covered in this article: the punching bag and the bag ring. Let’s dive right into the first part.

How Do I Assemble My Free-standing Punching Bag?

A FightCamp punching bag comes in two (2) pieces: the punching bag itself and the base. One of the most common questions asked with heavy bag assembly is how do you attach a free-standing bag to its base?

First, you will need to fill the base of your bag with either sand or water. Sand is usually preferred as it creates a heavier base as compared to water. With just sand, you can expect the base to weigh about 350 lbs., whereas, with just water, the standard base will be about 250 lbs. You may also choose to do a combination of both for an even heavier base.

FightCamp Free-Standing Heavy Bag Base

After filling the base, the FightCamp bag can be assembled in three (3) easy steps. Follow along with FightCamp Trainers Aaron Swenson and Flo Master as they show you how it’s done:

Step 1

Take the bag and lift it directly onto the punching bag stand until it sits flush against the lip of the base.

Step 2

Take the flaps on the bottom of the bag and wrap them over the lip of the base as tightly as you can.

Step 3

Using the attached straps, work each strap through the buckle closest to it and pull tightly to securely fasten the flaps to the base.

After following these steps, your bag should be secured on the base. Before testing it with full strikes, shake the bag slightly to ensure everything is properly fastened and attached.

Now that your punching bag is attached to the base, you want to make sure that it is stable by stabilizing it with your bag ring (included in the FightCamp equipment package).

FightCamp Free-Standing Heavy Bag Ring

How Do I Assemble My Punching Bag Ring?

Assembling the heavy bag ring is easy and can be done in less than a minute.

Step 1

Place your bag ring where you want your free-standing heavy bag to sit.

Step 2

Roll your punching bag onto the middle of your bag ring, so that the velcro is exposed on all sides.

Step 3

Place the provided curved pieces flush onto the velcro on all sides.

Just like that, your bag ring is all assembled! You can now punch or kick your bag as hard as you like without having to worry about it shuffling all over the place.

Why Do You Need a Bag Ring?

While a punching bag ring isn’t completely necessary for your punching bag, it has a number of benefits for your training. First and foremost, a bag ring creates a stable and “locked” position for your heavy bag so it doesn’t slide around when hit. You won’t have to stop in the middle of your boxing workout to drag it back into place and reset. Additionally, if you only have a limited amount of space to practice, ensuring that your bag stays in one place, such as on your exercise mat is key.

FightCamp Free-Standing Heavy Bag Ring and Base On Mat

Once you have both your punching bag and your bag ring assembled, you can begin your training by downloading the FightCamp App and train with real fighters from the comfort of your own home. You'll get access to hundreds of boxing, kickboxing, strength, conditioning, recovery, and stretching workouts that will push you mentally and physically. You can also check out our blog and YouTube channel for more resources on building your skills and technique.

Flo Master

Jerry “Flo Master” Randolph is a Founding FightCamp Coach. From Gaithersburg, MD, he danced with stars like Usher, Ciara, JLo, & Will Smith before turning to martial arts & boxing. Flo is USA Boxing Coach certified.

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