Step-By-Step: How To Set Up Your FightCamp Exercise Mat

At-home boxing training is possible and requires less equipment than you may think. In fact, boxers of any level can get an effective workout with little to no equipment at all.

With that said, once you start to ramp up your training, adding equipment to your at-home boxing gym can help. One of the most commonly asked questions by boxers is:

  • How do I set up my at-home boxing space?

First, you will need a workout space that provides you with enough room to move around. Ideally, you’ll have around an eight foot by four foot space, but as long as you have enough room to move around comfortably, you can set up a home gym.

Let’s dive into some equipment you’ll need:

What Do I Need To Set Up My At-Home Boxing Gym?

As you begin your boxing training, purchasing equipment such as a punching bag, boxing gloves, and wrist wraps can help take your training to the next level. Mentioned before, having a few feet of space in either direction is best for boxing training so that you can work on footwork.

With that said, as long as you have room around you and are comfortable, you can begin training. Start slow when building your at-home gym, and slowly add more equipment as your training progresses.

The first item you could consider buying is a workout mat, which can be beneficial for both boxing exercises and core exercises.

5 Benefits of a Workout Mat

There are a number of reasons you should purchase a workout mat before you start your at-home workout routine. Here are 5 (five) of the benefits of a workout mat:

1. Prevents slippage

2. Protects joints

3. Protects floors

4. Dampens sound

5. Core space


Starting your at-home boxing gym experience with an exercise mat is a cost-effective and smart way to begin setting up your new gym.

How Do I Assemble My FightCamp Mat?

The FightCamp exercise mat comes in eight (8) pieces and, when assembled, takes up a space that is 8 feet by 4 feet. Learning how to set up FightCamp mat is simple; the pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Here, FightCamp trainers Aaron Swenson and Flo Master show you just how it's done:

FightCamp Exercise Workout Mat Set Up

Step 1

Start by placing all of the 8 pieces on the floor next to each other with the straight edges of the pieces facing out

Step 2

Line up the grooves on the pieces to ensure a proper fit

Step 3

Press the pieces together until they are completely flush

That’s it! In just a couple of minutes, you can have a workout mat ready to go.

Tips For FightCamp Mat Assembly

  • When assembling the pieces to each other, make sure every groove is as flush to the floor as possible so you don’t accidentally snag your toes while moving
  • Put the mat together on a solid, flat surface
  • If assembling on carpet, put a piece of plywood or something similar underneath the mat so that you can push the pieces flush

Once all the pieces of the mat are pressed together and flat, with the straight edges out, you’re all done and ready to begin training! Whether you are weightlifting or bag training, the FightCamp mat is durable and will support your workout.

For more boxing and kickboxing-related content, visit the FightCamp YouTube channel or our blog to learn more.

The Author: Jerry Randolph (aka Flo Master) grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Being bullied as a kid, he looked for ways to break away from that narrative and found his way to dancing. He didn’t become just any kind just of dancer; he became a BBoy. He became Flo Master. Flo quickly rose to fame as a dancer, performing with superstars like Usher, Ciara, Jennifer Lopez, and Will Smith. Despite this success, he felt that something was missing from his life. He knew that he wasn’t able to defend himself. Flo turned to martial arts and boxing and knew that it was the missing piece to the puzzle. Training with Jeremy Horn, Anderson “The Spider” Silva, and Erik Paulson gave Flo the real confidence that he needed as a boy in Maryland. He took his passion for dance and his love for martial arts and began working in the group fitness industry. His guiding force is to give people what he wished someone had given him when he was coming up; encouragement and empowerment. Flo Master is a Founding FightCamp Coach, eternal entertainer, and father to his two kids, who just happen to be excellent dancers and martial artists.