Step-By-Step: How To Set Up Your Home FightCamp Boxing Gym

FightCamp - Home Boxing Gym Setup

Ready to start boxing at home? Here’s how to set up your boxing equipment: assemble your exercise mat, freestanding punching bag, and bag ring.

Published: April 2, 2021

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Author: Aaron Swenson

How Do I Set Up FightCamp Boxing at Home?

Getting your FightCamp home boxing gym setup and running is a quick and easy process. Once you’re all set up, you can start tackling your boxing workouts and improving your training right away. Before purchasing and setting up any equipment, ensure you have one thing: space.

FightCamp - Home Boxing Gym Setup

You don’t need an absurdly large amount of space, but you should have enough to move around freely without feeling restricted. For the purpose of this FightCamp at-home boxing setup, you should aim to have at least eight feet by eight feet to move around in.

Let’s dive into the home boxing gym setup:

Step 1: Assemble Your Exercise Mat

The first step to set up your at home boxing setup is to piece together your exercise mat. Having a workout mat will help prevent slippage, stop joint pain, reduce sound, and give you a place to lay down for core work.

Our FightCamp exercise mat comes ready to assemble and the assembly process is just like piecing together a puzzle:

For an in-depth written guide on assembling your FightCamp mat, check out our exercise mat assembly article.

Step 2: Fill the Base of Your Freestanding Punching Bag

Arguably the most important thing to do when you get your punching bag is to fill the base. To do this, you can use either water, sand, or a combination of the two. For a heavier bag, opting to fill the base with sand is the best choice, but filling it with water will still give you a strong and stable base. For maximum weight, consider using both and adding water once you have filled the base with sand:

For tips on filling the freestanding punching bag and a step-by-step guide, check out our article on how to fill your FightCamp base for your home boxing gym setup.

Step 3: Attach Your Heavy Punching Bag To the Base and Bag Ring

The last step to set up your FightCamp at-home gym is assembling your freestanding bag: putting it all together along with the bag ring. Fortunately, the FightCamp bag is easy to attach to the base and connect to the bag ring.

Adding a bag ring to the mix will help stabilize your punching bag by keeping it in place on your exercise mat for the boxing setup:

To read the full instructions for attaching your FightCamp bag to the base, as well as setting up your bag ring, check out our article.

Once you have all of your boxing equipment together, you will be ready to go! The only thing left to do is pick up some gloves and hand wraps to protect your hands while striking the bag, and start working out with FightCamp. To see more boxing equipment guides or workouts, visit our blog and take your training to the next level.

Aaron Swenson

Aaron “Speedy” Swenson began in his family’s Chicago dojo. By 2013, Aaron had two National Kickboxing titles & a USA National Kickboxing Team spot. Aaron is a Founding Coach at FightCamp & USA Boxing Coach certified.

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