Boxing! The Secret To How Models Stay Fit

How Do Models Stay Fit? Boxing!

Models like Gigi Hadid and Ashley Graham swear by boxing for strong, toned bodies. Add boxing to your routine for a fun and healthy way to achieve just that!

Published: April 19, 2022

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Author: Emma Comery

Boxers and models come in a beautiful range of shapes and sizes. In recent years, the worlds of sports and fashion have become more inclusive spaces. And while unhealthy, unrealistic standards for body image still persist, we’re witnessing a profound swing towards the celebration of strong, healthy bodies in our culture.

In fact, many of the most widely known Victoria’s Secret models have rejected outdated notions of what beautiful looks like and now promote a stronger, healthier aesthetic. Models like Gigi Hadid, Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, and Karlie Kloss rely on boxing to maintain their sculpted, strong physiques. Lane Bryant lingerie model Ashley Graham has also been vocal about her passion for boxing as a way to stay both physically and mentally strong.

Ashley Graham Boxing

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Whether you’re training for the runway, the beach, or the ring, boxing is one of the best workouts for staying fit and showing off a more toned physique.

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Boxing For A Lean, Strong Body

Boxing is an extremely efficient cardiovascular workout, and a great exercise for toning your body and achieving that lean, fit look that we see on many athletes and fashion models.

Unlike steady state aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, or cycling, the fast-paced intensity of shadowboxing or boxing with a heavy bag activates the anaerobic system. Since the body can’t fuel itself with oxygen in this state, it starts burning fat. Hello, abs and biceps! Who knew you were hiding under there this whole time?!

Boxing 4-5 days per week will help you achieve a lean, sculpted body. If your fitness goal includes looking “ripped,” then incorporating strength training into your exercise routine will build the muscle. Many boxers use strength-training regimens built on bodyweight exercises, or low-weight/high-rep weight exercises and compound movements to develop the muscle strength that will help them deliver powerful kicks and punches.

Why A Healthy Diet Matters

Gisele Bundchen

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Exercise alone won’t get you the results you want; you need to pair it with a healthy diet. The key to that toned, lean body is sustainable habits. This means a diet you can maintain over a long period of time. Switching to a healthier diet doesn’t have to mean restricting yourself. The Mayo Clinic suggests swapping high-calorie, low-nutrition foods for low-calorie, high-nutrition foods.

For tips on how to start a healthy boxer’s diet, check out these articles:

Stay away from fad diets and anything that deprives you of the energy and nutrients your body needs. If you cut calories too drastically, your body will crave unhealthy, sugary foods to make up for the energy deficiency. Denying your body proper nutrition could lead to dangerous behaviors, like binging and chronic health problems. You need enough energy to fuel (and enjoy!) your boxing workout! Cutting too many calories will only result in sabotaging your health and fitness goals.

Get Lean Like a Fighter (and Model!)

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Emma Comery

Emma Comery is a freelance writer, working toward her MFA in Nonfiction at Old Dominion University. She fell in love with Thai Boxing during the pandemic, and regularly trains at her local UFC gym.

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