Boxing Workouts For Beginners: Punching (Heavy) Bag

Boxing Workouts For Beginners - Punching (Heavy) Bag

Looking to up your boxing game with a punching bag? Here are (3) three boxing workouts for beginners with a heavy bag that will get you in shape in no time!

Published: November 13, 2020

Topics: Boxing, Training

Author: Tommy Duquette

Are Punching Bags a Good Workout?

Using a heavy bag will take your workout to the next level.

Not only is boxing excellent cardio, but you are also reaping the benefits of strength training with each hit to the bag. Expect to torch calories, improve coordination, and tone muscles as you obliterate stress.

How To Use a Punching Bag: For Beginners

Beginner boxing bag workouts are designed to help you get comfortable with basic punches while you develop rhythm – and confidence – on the bag. These punch combinations are simple, yet meant to simulate real fight scenarios, adding to the fun and excitement of boxing.

How Long Should You Work Out On a Punching Bag?

There are no hard and fast rules to how long you should work out on the bag or even how hard you want to hit. It is a good idea for beginners to start with shorter workouts (15-30 minutes) and keep the power at about 50 to 75 percent.

Beginners should aim for five minutes on each of these rounds. How many rounds you choose to do really depends on your fitness level, so feel free to push yourself for longer or amp up the intensity if you’re feeling it!

Punching Bag Workout - Warm Up

Don’t forget to warm up your muscles and get your blood pumping before any workout. Though boxing bag workouts are safe, you can increase your risk of injury by jumping into any sport with stiff muscles.

Plan to spend around five minutes alternating exercises. Examples of good warm-up exercises are:

  • Jumping Jacks

  • Lunges

  • Arm Circles

  • Hip Circles

Focus on stretching your arms and shoulders as they will be doing the most work in these drills.

Beginners should always use both hand wraps and boxing gloves.

Boxer Putting On Boxing Gloves

Punching Bag Workout - Drill 1

Jab – Cross – Right Body Shot – Left Body Shot

  • Assume fighting stance (right leg forward, knees bent, gloves in front of your face, elbows tucked close to the body). Position yourself slightly less than arm’s length from the punching bag.

  • Use a ‘one-two’ count as you hit the jab and cross in quick succession.

  • Increase your power for the two body shots, neutralizing your opponent.

  • Repeat for five minutes.

Rest for 1 minute OR Mountain Climbers for 1 minute.

Punching Bag Workout - Drill 2

Double Jab – Bob and Weave – Left Hook

  • Using lightning fast motion, work on your snap skills for this double jab. You don’t want your opponent to have time to react after the first hit.

  • Bob and weave with your gloves protecting your face in anticipation of retaliation.

  • Re-assume fighter’s stance and deliver the final blow with a powerful left hook.

  • Repeat for five minutes.

Rest for 1 minute OR Plank for 1 minute.

Punching Bag Workout - Drill 3

Boxer Getting Ready In Boxing Stance

Straight Punches – Power Body Shots

This is a fun combo to really hammer out your stress while disorienting your opponent.

  • Stand facing the punching bag and quickly deliver four straight punches. Focus on hitting the same target every strike.

  • Follow it up with rapid fire body shots (alternating left and right) to the count of ten, focusing on your speed.

  • Repeat for five minutes.

Rest for 1 minute OR Mountain Climbers for 1 minute.

Kick It Up a Notch

Boxer Kicking Heavy Bag During FightCamp Workout

If you’re looking for a solid beginner kickboxing workout with the heavy bag, consider alternating pure punching rounds with this hit and kick combo.

Punching Bag Workout - Drill 4

Two Lead Kicks – Left Cross – Rear Kick

  • Extend your forward leg at a 90-degree angle, striking the heavy bag about midway (your opponent’s torso). Contact the bag with your shin just slightly above the ankle.

  • Keeping your leg raised, bend at the knee to strike the bag a second time.

  • Return to fighting stance and deliver a left cross.

  • Pivot your body to bring your rear leg around, striking the bag at a higher angle (your opponent’s chest or face). Use this powerful final kick to finish them off!

Beginners will quickly learn that boxing and kickboxing are not only incredibly effective, but they are insanely fun. Hitting a punching bag is a full-body workout that is guaranteed to knock out stress and keep you motivated. As you become more comfortable, you might want to start mixing it up with your own combos!

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