Energy All Day Long: 30-Minute Morning Workout

Energy All Day Long: 30-Minute Morning Workout

Training in the morning is a great way to start a day full of energy. Here’s a 30-minute boxing workout to get you moving, energized, and ready for the day!

Published: July 5, 2021

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Author: Nikolay Tsenkov

A good morning workout increases your energy levels and lifts your mood for the day. Before or after breakfast - you can find what works best for your body. No equipment is required for this morning boxing routine but be sure to listen to your body and follow the intensity guidelines below to get a great workout in before starting your day.

Warm-Up (5 minutes)

Warming up is always important before starting any workout, but it is especially critical in the morning. When you wake up, your blood pressure, pulse, and body temperature are significantly lower. If you’re going to perform any sort of training, you need to get your body ready for work.

Here is a great video to help you warm up in about five (5) minutes. If you need more time to get loosened up and ready, take it. A good way to tell if you've warmed up enough is if you are starting to sweat.

Shadowboxing (2 Rounds)

Tommy Duquette Shadowboxing

Shadowboxing allows you to sharpen your boxing skills by simulating an opponent with your shadow or reflection. At the same time, it is a phenomenal workout that does not require boxing equipment if you don’t have any yet.

In the first round, we are going to emphasize getting into a good stance, moving in all directions, and throwing straight punches. In the second round, we will up the tempo and throw 2, 3, and 4-punch combinations.

Round 1 (3 minutes)

  • Start with your guard up and take a proper boxing stance

  • Begin moving side-to-side, forward, and backward

  • Slip side-to-side, bob, weave, change angles by pivoting on your front and back foot

After a minute of footwork, start throwing boxing punch combinations focusing on the straight punches, jab (1), and cross (2). Here are some example combinations:

  • Jab-Cross (1-2)

  • Jab-Jab-Cross (1-1-2)

  • Lead Cross (2)

  • Slip-Jab-Slip-Cross (Slip-1-Slip-2)

  • Jab-Cross-Jab (1-2-1) moving forward

  • Jab-Cross-Jab (1-2-1) moving backward

Make sure to move around between combos. For this round, put emphasis on your movement: throw a combo, move around, throw another combo, move around again, etc.

Rest (1 minute)

Don't worry if you feel a bit tired after this first round - it's early in the morning, you haven't fully activated your body yet! If you haven't done a lot of shadowboxing before - it is a much better workout than most people expect.

Make sure to take a few deep breaths and get ready for the next round!

Round 2 (3 minutes)

In this second round, we will add in more of the 6 basic boxing punches in combinations. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Jab-Lead Hook (1-3)

  • Cross-Lead Hook (2-3)

  • Jab-Rear Hook (1-4)

  • Lead Uppercut-Cross (5-2)

  • Jab-Rear Uppercut (1-6)

  • Jab-Lead Hook-Rear Uppercut (1-3-6)

  • Jab-Pull Back-Jab-Cross (1-Pull Back-1-2)

  • Faint Jab-Jab-Cross (Faint 1-1-2)

  • Jab-Cross-Lead Hook-Rear Uppercut (1-2-3-6)

For this round, the emphasis is on speed and combinations. Make sure to keep your guard up and reset after every combo. Even though you are shadowboxing, imagine you have an opponent. Stay quick in your movement and rhythm.

Rest (1 minute)

Circuit (3 sets)

Tommy Duquette Doing Push Ups

3 Burpees

  • Start in a standing position, feet shoulder-width apart

  • Squat down and place your hands on the ground

  • Jump your legs back, extending your body and landing on your toes in a push-up position

  • Do a push-up

  • Jump back to a squat and stand up

  • Jump up in the air, raising your arms

  • As you land back down, squat, place your hands on the ground again and repeat

  • Repeat for another 2 reps

Without any rest continue with...

3 Jump Squats

  • Start in the same position as a burpee but with your feet a bit further apart

  • Squat down and put your hands in front of your chest

  • Jump back up to stand, using your hands pushing down for leverage

  • Once you land, immediately squat down again and repeat for 2 more reps

3 Push-Ups

  • Start in a high-plank position

  • Drop your chest down close to the ground

  • Push yourself up (using your arms)

  • Repeat for another 2 reps

Rest (30 seconds)

Repeat the circuit 2 more times with another rest of 30 seconds in between.

Rest (2 minutes)

By now you may be a bit winded. Take a few minutes to rest. Make sure to breathe deeply so more oxygen gets into your bloodstream and you recover more of your strength.

Cardio (5-15 minutes)

Tommy Duquette Jumping Rope

End your morning workout with five to fifteen minutes of cardio. Here are some cardio options to choose from:

Cool Down (5 minutes)

To ensure your body recovers faster after a workout, ending with some static stretching is a great way to cool your body down. Check out FightCamp Trainer Shanie Smash's static stretches video.

Working out in the morning can be an amazing way to boost your energy, clear your mind, and focus better for the day ahead. In just 30 minutes, you will feel ready to tackle whatever challenges come your way.

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