Why The FightCamp Bag Is The Best Heavy Bag For Kids

Exercise is essential for all ages, and getting children started on an exercise routine when they’re young can set them up for healthy habits throughout life.
The easiest way to get kids to exercise is to find something fun and that they’re excited about. There are few activities that beat knocking out stress on a punching bag. Kids often have a lot of pent-up energy and stress, so boxing is a great way to channel that energy in a healthy way.

Boxing and kickboxing training can lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle for the whole family - but when it comes to children’s boxing, having the right boxing equipment, especially a high-quality punching bag, is essential. Let's look at why the FightCamp punching bag is ideal for everyone in the home, especially kids.

Can kids use adult punching bags?

Yes, kids can use adult punching bags, but it depends on the punching bag.
Not all adult punching bags are safe for kids. Hanging heavy bags can sometimes pose a danger for smaller children who could easily get injured by a swinging bag. Even older children and teens may have difficulty using a hanging bag due to its height and motion.

Standing bags are a better choice but only specific designs are suitable for kids. The FightCamp free-standing punching bag can be safely used by kids of any age and here are (5) reasons why it's the perfect choice for an at-home boxing or kickboxing bag for your family.

5 Reasons the FightCamp Punching Bag Is Great For Kids

1 Stability
FightCamp Boxing Heavy Bag For Kids

One major thing to consider when purchasing a free-standing punching bag is stability. Not only is stability key for safety, but because punching bags are so heavy, it is essential that they have a firm foundation and base. (Hanging bags can be dangerous for anyone – a swinging heavyweight bag has enough force to knock down an adult which is why they are often not recommended for children’s use.)

The FightCamp punching bag is equipped with a heavy base that keeps it in position for hard-hitting workouts. We recommend using sand as it will weigh more, but a bag base filled with water will still give you a great workout. The reason we recommend sand is that the base can fit 350 lbs. of sand, but only 250 lbs. of water. If you need more stability, sand is preferred. For specific instructions and a video on how to fill your heavy bag base, check out this article. When the bag base is filled properly, it is wide and stable which makes it less likely to tip over as compared to other standing bags.

Also included in the standard boxing equipment package is the one-of-a-kind FightCamp bag ring which fits securely around the base of the bag to keep it from sliding around the mat during intense workouts.

2 Height
FightCamp Punching Bag For Kids

Another feature that makes the FightCamp punching bag great for kids is its height. FightCamp’s bag has a taller design than most punching bags with a greater surface area for punches and kicks. At the same time, it stays balanced and upright during hard-core workouts. While most standing bags sit too high on the base for kids to reach, the long profile of the FightCamp bag makes it perfect for fighters of any height.

3 Padding
FightCamp Boxing Bag For Kids

Hitting a hard heavy bag incorrectly or without gloves and wraps can cause injury. While the FightCamp punching bag is sturdy, it’s also soft enough for kids. The padding in the FightCamp bag can absorb more shock from every punch and kick while you’re perfecting your form, reducing the risk of injury. Kids and adults can feel confident about hitting the FightCamp bag with maximum force knowing there is sufficient cushioning - and that it’s stable enough not to tip over.

4 Durability
FightCamp Boxing For Kids

Boxing and kickboxing is most enjoyable when you can really unleash your inner beast. Extensive or improper use can wear out a heavy bag fast, but the FightCamp punching bag is designed to take a beating. The FightCamp bag features materials meant to last no matter how wild your FightCamp Tribe may get. Plus, the punching bag's material is easy to clean and keep sanitized.

5 Safety

FightCamp Youth Boxing Punching Bag

Everything on this list comes down to one major benefit. SAFETY! With the right equipment and proper set-up, boxing or kickboxing on a heavy bag is the perfect outlet for all levels and ages. Plus, when you purchase the FightCamp free-standing bag, you get expert training, boxing tutorials, and workouts. Not only will our expert FightCamp Trainers teach your kids proper form and technique, but they will also learn discipline, control, and have fun doing it... giving you peace of mind.

If your child is interested in boxing or kickboxing, it helps to have guidance from professional trainers and the flexibility of an at-home program like FightCamp. A wealth of resources are available and you can always reach out to the community with any questions. The FightCamp Tribe package is perfect for families and includes all the gear you’ll need to get started - including youth-sized boxing gloves and the safe, stable, and punchable FightCamp punching bag.

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