How To Set Up Your At-Home Boxing Gym

How To Set Up Your At-Home Boxing Gym

There are just FIVE (5) essentials you need to set up your AT-HOME BOXING GYM. Here we’ll take a look at how easy it is to create your very own boxing space.

Published: February 19, 2021

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Author: Flo Master

Boxing is one of the hottest trends in at-home fitness for good reason. Boxing is a superior full-body workout that anyone can do, and it is an absolute blast. What makes it even better is that you can set up a home boxing gym with minimal space and effort, creating a multi-function workout space that you can access any time.

Here we’ll take a look at the most important home boxing gym essentials and how to set up a home boxing gym.

How Do I Set Up a Home Boxing Gym?

All you need to set up a home boxing gym is a designated boxing space and some boxing gym essentials. For a great overview, take a look at what you need and what you don’t need to set up a home boxing gym.

If you’re ready to get started, FightCamp trainers Aaron Swenson and Flo Master show you how to put together your home boxing gym. Here's the complete guide to the five (5) at-home boxing gym essentials:

1. Flooring

Flooring is literally the foundation of your at-home boxing gym. It can make or break your training!

Here are the types of flooring you DO NOT want to use:

  • Carpet: it’s easy to get stuck or tripped up, your feet will drag on the surface.

  • Hardwood: During intense training when you are dripping sweat, you can easily slip and get injured.

  • Concrete: It has absolutely no give to it, which puts a lot of pressure on your knees and your body during training.

Luckily, you can create the perfect flooring in any location with a quality mat. One of the best floor mats you can train on comes with the FightCamp gym. The puzzle mat comes in eight 2’ x 2’ squares that fit tightly together to form a perfect 8’ x 4’ workout space. This is ample room for a heavy bag as well as conditioning exercises like core work. Plus, the mat is even durable enough for lifting weights, which is often not the case with other mats.

FightCamp Workout Mat

2. Heavy Bag

When you’re looking at heavy bags, there are some things to consider:

  • Space: While many people would like to hang a boxing bag, this simply isn’t possible due to limited space or drywall. For at-home gyms, a free-standing bag is the best option.

  • Training Style: If you are doing any kind of kicking or kickboxing, you need a full-length bag.

  • Price/Quality: When it comes to heavy bags, cheaper options just aren’t going to last long. They are also likely to be less stable during more intense workouts.

The FightCamp free-standing bag is a durable, high quality, and affordable option that is perfect for at-home boxing gyms. It comes in three pieces that are very easy to put together – the bag ring to keep it stable, the base, and the bag itself.

To set up the FightCamp bag and stand, start by placing the base in the middle of the bag ring. To fill up the base, always use dry sand, not water. Place the bag on the base and secure the straps over the lip of the base, and you’re ready to go!

FightCamp Free-Standing Heavy Punching Bag

3. Wraps & Gloves

Boxing hand wraps are essential for three (3) main reasons:

  • Protecting the knuckles

  • Protecting the wrists

  • Preventing your gloves from smelling

*To help keep gloves fresh, make sure everyone in the family has their own pair of wraps and gloves--check out FightCamp’s glove deodorizer.

Traditional boxing hand wraps can be complicated, even frustrating to put on. Keeping them clean can also be a hassle as they tend to get knotted up in the wash and are difficult to untangle.

Quick wraps are excellent for boxers of all levels, but especially for beginners. FightCamp’s own quick wraps are easy to put on, easy to clean, and have a protected slot on the wrist for your punch tracker that makes it easy to connect to the FightCamp leaderboard.

FightCamp Boxing Quick Wraps and Punch Trackers

4. Keep It Clean

Maintaining a clean gym setup is important. Keeping your gym clean keeps you disciplined, motivated, and makes your equipment last longer.
Always keep these cleaning essentials in your boxing gym:

  • Broom

  • Mop or Swiffer

  • Lysol Spray

5. Customize

Customizing your gym is a great way to really make it your own. In addition to personalizing your space, customize it with great conditioning gear to help you add variety in your workouts. FightCamp has a conditioning kit that starts you off with everything you need, including:

  • Weighted Hand Wraps: Perfect for conditioning your shoulders and punching muscles

  • Speed Ladder: A go-to tool for footwork and agility training

  • Jump Rope: The boxer’s favorite for cardio, timing, and rhythm

  • Massaging Recovery Ball: Wonderful for soothing sore muscles and working out knots

Jump Rope For Home Gym

How Much Space Do I Need For My At-Home Boxing Gym?

You need less space than you may realize for your at-home boxing gym. If you have an area in mind that has enough room for a standing bag and floor space for some core work, approximately 8’ x 4’, that’s perfect.

What Type of Flooring Should I Use For My Home Boxing Gym?

Flooring like carpet or hardwood is not good for a home boxing gym. Unfortunately for most, this rules out every room in the house. Many people love the idea of setting up a garage gym because it is conveniently out of the way, but most garages have a concrete floor – another very poor choice because it is hard on the knees.

That’s why you should get a good quality floor mat to complete your home boxing space. With a mat, you have secure footing and enough cushion that you can easily set up anywhere. FightCamp’s interactive gym package comes with a floor mat specifically designed to be the ideal flooring for your boxing workouts.

What Type of Equipment Do I Need?

Your boxing gym essentials should include flooring, a bag, gloves and wraps, and cleaning supplies. Customizing your home boxing gym with additional equipment and personal touches is a great way to really build your own workout oasis.

Setting up a home boxing gym is easier than you might think, and it gets even easier with FightCamp’s packages. You get everything you need to get started and don’t have to stress about the quality of your equipment – you get durable, easy to use boxing gear for an affordable price. One of the biggest hurdles for beginner boxers is getting started and this is the easiest way to jump right into at-home boxing with FightCamp today!

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