Step-By-Step: How To Put On Boxing Quick Wraps

FightCamp - Boxing Quick Hand Wraps

Boxing hand wraps are important, but traditional wraps can be tedious. Find out what makes QUICK WRAPS a great option & how to put them on in just a few steps.

Published: March 16, 2021

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Author: PJ Shirdan

Boxing fast wraps are essential to protecting your hands, wrists, and even your gloves. Boxing quick wraps are a very convenient alternative to traditional hand wraps and are commonly recommended for boxing training.

Here we’ll take a look at some common questions about boxing quick wraps and give you a tutorial to show just how quick they really are.

What Are Boxing Quick Wraps?

Quick wraps are a type of boxing hand wrap. Boxing fast wraps are designed to protect the hands, knuckles, and wrists from the impact of hitting a heavy bag. Hand wraps also protect your gloves from the buildup of sweat and bacteria that causes them to smell. More advanced boxers can wear them alone when hitting the bag, but beginners should always wear them with gloves.

What Are The Benefits of Quick Wraps?

Boxing hand wraps have many benefits, and quick wraps add convenience to the list. The benefits of boxing quick wraps include:

  • Extra padding to protect the knuckles

  • Support to stabilize the wrists

  • Help keep gloves smelling fresh

  • Super simple and fast to put on

  • Easy to wash

How Do I Put On Quick Wraps?

Putting on quick hand wraps is as described – quick! Traditional hand wraps can be tedious, especially for beginners. The sheer length of traditional wraps means you will be spending a few minutes wrapping each hand, often having to re-adjust for tightness. Boxing fast wraps can be put on in less than a minute.

Step-By-Step Guide To Putting On Quick Wraps

Follow along with FightCamp Trainer Coach PJ as he shows you just how to put on boxing quick wraps so you’re ready for your boxing workout.

Step 1

Put your thumb through the thumb hole

Step 2

Slide your index and middle finger through the hole closest to your thumb

Step 3

Slide your ring finger and pinky through the other hole

Step 4

Make sure the padding goes all the way to your knuckles

Step 5

Activate your punch trackers by double tapping them

Step 6

FightCamp - Boxing Quick Hand Wraps

Place your punch trackers in the small pocket on top of the wrist (Remember: red=right, blue=left)

Step 7

FightCamp - Boxing Quick Hand Wraps

Take the remaining strap section of your boxing fast wraps and wrap them snugly around the wrist to secure the tracker and give your wrist support

Step 8

Secure Velcro and you are ready to go!

Do I Need To Wrap My Hands For Boxing?

Unless you are shadowboxing, yes, you should wrap your hands for boxing. Boxing quick wraps protect the knuckles from the impact of hitting and secure the wrists so they are more stable. While boxing hand wraps are essential for preventing excess strain or injury to you, they are also important for your gear. Hand wraps are critical in keeping your gloves smelling fresher because they wick away the sweat from your hands and can be washed in between workouts, unlike your gloves.

What Are The Differences Between Quick Wraps And Traditional Hand Wraps For Boxing?

Boxing hand wraps are a must-have, but which type you like better comes down to personal preference. Some boxers use the traditional hand wraps, whereas others prefer the boxing fast wraps. When you’re trying to decide on quick wraps vs. hand wraps, it helps to research the pros and cons of each.

Here’s a brief run-down of how the two compare:

Quick Wraps

  • Fast and easy to put on

  • Machine washable

  • Good for training, not often used for sparring

  • Form fitting

Traditional Wraps

FightCamp - Boxing Quick Hand Wraps
  • Takes time to learn wrapping technique

  • Machine washable with garment bag (can tangle)

  • Good for training and sparring

  • May need re-adjustment

Can You Train With Just Hand Wraps?

The short answer is yes, but beginners should always use gloves as well. Competitive boxers may want to do bare knuckle boxing without gloves – or even without boxing quick wraps. This will toughen up the hands over time, which is something you may want to avoid if you are just looking to do boxing training for fitness.

Are Hand Wraps Or Gloves Better?

You can’t really compare hand wraps and gloves in terms of which is better. Both are an equally important component in protecting your hands and wrists from impact. Since one function of hand wraps is actually to keep your gloves cleaner, you could say that you can wear boxing fast wraps without gloves, but never gloves without wraps.

Boxing hand wraps are an essential item for any boxer. Quick wraps are an excellent option if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of traditional wraps, and they are very convenient. The best way to know which you prefer is to try them both and see what suits you best!

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PJ Shirdan

PJ Shirdan is a FightCamp Founding Coach from the Philadelphia area. He found boxing as a way to heal and rebuild his life as he became a competitive fighter. PJ is a NASM, TRX, and USA Boxing Coach certified.

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