What Most Boxing Classes Get Wrong About Boxing Training

What Most Boxing Classes Get Wrong About Boxing Training

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Published: February 2, 2022

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Author: Mollie McGurk

Boxing is having a moment in the fitness world. More people are discovering just how effective and fun boxing workouts can be, increasing the demand for beginner-level boxing workout classes, and boxing training, even at home.

As wonderful as this increased popularity may be, it’s important for beginner boxers to do their research before jumping into boxing instruction. There are a wide variety of different boxing classes with an even wider variety of approaches – many of which don’t lay the foundations of true boxing training. Without an introduction to the basics (at the very least), beginners can find themselves developing bad habits that make their workouts less effective and can even lead to injury.

What’s more, many eager boxing students miss out on the full experience of boxing training in all its variety and richness. There’s so much more to boxing training than throwing your fists around for a cardio workout. A quality boxing program will introduce you to developing a healthy boxer’s lifestyle and show you how to get the real results that come with proper training!

Here are three of the most common ways in which general boxing classes fall short, and three ways that a quality boxing training program will stand out from the rest.

Three (3) Common Pitfalls of Boxing Classes

1. Lack of Boxing Expertise

Fitness instructors don’t need to be champion fighters to conduct a boxing class, but they do need some familiarity with the complexities of the sport. The “sweet science” of boxing, like all martial arts, requires considerable knowledge and skill. Many trainers don’t have enough background themselves to relay the right information to beginners and can’t offer much support when questions arise. On the other side of the coin, if an instructor is too technical, you may find it takes the fun out of the workout! At-home boxing programs like FightCamp feature trainers that combine professionalism and personality to keep every workout both educational and enjoyable.

2. Poor Form & Technique

Directly related to lack of expertise, many general boxing classes reinforce poor form and technique, rather than laying a strong foundation of technical understanding. There is nothing wrong with throwing some haphazard punches in the air every now and then to get your heart pumping, but continual repetition of incorrect form will train incorrect muscle memory. If a student decides to add resistance by throwing those haphazard punches on a heavy bag, they are risking muscle strain, injury, or both.

3. Too Fast, Too Furious

This brings us to our last point: many general boxing classes are hyper-focused on reaping all the rewards of boxing’s exceptional fitness benefits without paying enough mind to the art of the sport, which entails a balanced, holistic approach to training. Any beginner boxer who jumps right into high-intensity bag drills without first practicing proper technique is inviting sloppy form, ineffective workouts, and of course, potential injury.

Three (3) Signs of a Quality Boxing Program

1. Experienced Instructors

To conduct a safe, effective, and fun boxing class, the instructor should have solid training and experience in boxing and/or combat sports. Boxing is not complex to learn, but there is a lot to learn – including proper and improper ways to train. Perhaps most importantly, an instructor who is passionate about what they are teaching is priceless. You want that perfect balance of technical knowledge paired with pure enthusiasm to keep things fun and interesting! FightCamp’s team of trainers has a diverse background in martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. Each instructor brings their own unique knowledge and personal flair to each workout and training.

2. Foundational Training

It is unwise and unsafe to dive into fast-paced punch combinations without practicing each punch correctly. This is just one of many ways in which foundational training is so important to any boxing program. A quality boxing training program will provide instruction on the proper form and technique of each move, from your fighting stance and footwork to winning knockout combos. FightCamp features a tiered training system that begins with the basics through the Prospect Path and beyond with the Contender Path. Having these easy-to-follow programs takes the guesswork out of advancing your training.

3. Methodical Progress

With a strong foundation established, you can confidently level up your training at a steady pace using all the tools in your arsenal. All fitness programs should incorporate lifestyle guidance to help you on your fitness journey and have some methodical measurement of your progress so you can see how far you’ve come. If there is no goal post to reach or skill to learn, there is no way to know if you’re progressing and no sense of accomplishment. Very few boxing programs allow you to count every hit but FightCamp’s punch trackers keep score of every strike. The FightCamp app makes recording your progress effortless, even featuring achievements and milestones to keep you motivated. To truly get the most out of boxing training, you have to set realistic personal goals and learn how real boxers train.

The Takeaway

Boxing training is one of the most effective, challenging, and absolutely addicting fitness journeys you can embark upon. If you’re ready to start boxing, finding the best program can make or break your journey before it even begins. Well-intended but inexperienced instructors or poorly planned programs can foster feelings of discouragement rather than set you up for success.

A highly specialized at-home boxing program like FightCamp offers high-quality boxing training and expert-level fitness guidance all-around. The team of FightCamp trainers has extensive experience in boxing, martial arts, and fitness – and their enthusiasm is infectious. Check out a free boxing or kickboxing workout on the FightCamp YouTube Channel to get an idea of what exceptional boxing training should look like. The FightCamp Blog has a library of resources that will help guide you in all areas of wellness from using exercise for improving mental health to developing more mindful eating habits. When you’re ready to explore the FightCamp boxing training programs, you’ll be able to track your own progress punch-by-punch and advance at your own speed through hundreds of workouts designed for all levels.

Mollie McGurk

Mollie McGurk is a writer and has trained in boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and HIIT for over 10 years. She has also studied personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) program.

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