5 Things You Need To Set Up Your At-Home Boxing Gym

5 Things You Need To Set Up Your At-Home Boxing Gym

FIVE (5) things you NEED to set up your at-home boxing gym. No experience or exercise machines needed to start getting all of the benefits of a boxing workout.

Published: December 9, 2021

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Author: PJ Shirdan

Many beginner boxers may feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the idea of boxing at home. The truth is, setting up your at-home boxing gym is easier than you think.

You only need some basic home boxing equipment to get started. Don’t over complicate your setup with a lot of fancy gear that will only take up space. The best boxing workout is about what you put into it – a home boxing gym can be simple and still allow you to kill it on the bag. Here’s how you can set up a home boxing gym.

5 Things You NEED:

Here are the five (5) things you DO need to set up a home boxing gym:

1. Gear

Beginners only need a standing heavy bag, boxing gloves, hand wraps, and comfortable workout clothes.

2. Talent

As with all pursuits, what you put into your boxing workouts will determine what you get out of your boxing workouts. You just need patience, perseverance, and practice.

3. Gym Equipment

Start with a basic jump rope to work on cardio and boxing footwork. A jump rope is one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment available – one of the many reasons it is a go-to for boxers.

4. Space

If you have enough room for a standing heavy bag and can hammer out a few crunches on the floor, you are ready to go.

5. Experience

A solid training schedule is key to keep you on track and motivated. Boxers of every level can find something to motivate them in FightCamp’s library of free training videos and connect you to professional trainers and a community of other boxers to keep each other on track and help you towards your fitness goals.

5 Things You DON’T NEED:

Here are the five (5) things you DON’T need to set up a home boxing gym:

1. Gear

You don’t need to get top-of-the-line gloves, hand wraps, or boxing shoes.

2. Talent

You do not need to have natural strength, inherent skills, or punching power to benefit from a boxing workout. This will all come with continued practice.

3. Gym Equipment

You don’t need to clutter your space with a lot of unnecessary gym equipment like treadmills or weight machines.

4. Space

You don’t need a whole room or large separate space to set up your boxing gym.

5. Experience

No experience is necessary to start – but you need to build experience to level up your own game.

How Much Space Do I Need For My At-Home Boxing Gym?

One of the main reasons beginners might feel intimidated by creating a boxing gym set up in their homes is that they visualize the size of a standard boxing gym. This is just to accommodate a lot of fighters, the actual boxing space needed for one individual is minimal.

You only need enough space for your boxing gym essentials and enough open floor area to be able to do some core exercises lying down. We recommend a space that’s approximately 6 feet by 2 feet. Boxing workouts can be done in a relatively small area if you have the right boxing set up, like a free-standing punching bag. Free-standing bags are designed to be sturdy and will stay in place, unlike a swinging bag which would require a substantially bigger space for movement.

What Do I Need For a Boxing Workout?

For a boxing workout, you just need motivation, some basic equipment, and some guidance. Joining a boxing program like FightCamp that connects you with professional boxing trainers will ensure you get the most out of your boxing workouts.

What Type of Equipment Do I Need?

Beginners should keep it simple to start. Home boxing gym essentials include:

  • Free-Standing Punching Bag

  • Workout Clothes

  • Boxing Gloves and Hand Wraps

  • Jump Rope

What Don’t I Need To Work Out At Home?

What you don’t need to workout at home is stress! You can start working out at home with minimal set-up and zero experience.

An at-home boxing gym is one of the easiest ways to create a perfect space to workout at home. You don’t need to worry about getting top-of-the-line gloves or shoes, just start with the essentials. Most importantly, you don’t need any prior training to get started.

Creating your own in-home boxing gym doesn’t need to feel overwhelming. All you really need is some basic gear and your own willingness to put in the work. At-home boxing is one of the most effective, most enjoyable ways to stay in shape. Starting your boxing journey with a program like FightCamp will help you get the most out of your workouts, reaping the most rewarding results both physically and mentally.

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PJ Shirdan

PJ Shirdan is a FightCamp Founding Coach from the Philadelphia area. He found boxing as a way to heal and rebuild his life as he became a competitive fighter. PJ is a NASM, TRX, and USA Boxing Coach certified.

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